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About Us


Charmeals is a secret passion I’ve hidden in my heart for a long time, and was developed out of need that I stumbled upon. A family friend approached me desiring to provide southern-style, yet healthy meals for his elderly mother. Before he could finish asking - I immediately, and excitedly accepted the opportunity! Cooking is and has always been my passion. My passion for cooking developed during my attempt to fill the void of losing my maternal grandmother,  and it is my way of expressing my love towards her... The ONE who taught me everything I know about cooking, and navigating my way around the kitchen.

Charmeals provide meals with a southern flair for families that live active lifestyles. The   weekly menu typically provides an option of chicken, beef and pork entrées with veggies to complement the meats.  Charmeals is unique because we capture and invest in the small things which makes a big difference. For example, our seasonings are a specialty blend. In addition, our veggies are fresh and seasoned with turkey meat only. Last but certainly not least, each meal is prepared with lots of love... just like my grandma Charlie Mae did it!  

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